Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stillness in chaos

     The world around us seems to be in ever greater chaos. There are upheavals in governments, great havoc in tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famines, droughts, typhoons, and other elements causing pain, and death, and changed circumstances for thousands.
     There is immorality on every side. There are men and women who are legislating sin, and taking great satisfaction in depriving others of their freedoms. Crude behavior, vulgar language and clothing, elements of society promoting almost every behavior that goes against the commandments of God. It is unsettling and causes many to fear.
     I seek the stillness of quiet places, and seek meditation in this busy world, where there is no time to just be still, and listen. I listen to the quiet of the mountains, the chirp of birds and the chattering of squirrels and chipmunks; the peace found in listening to the wind as it sweeps through the trees, or the grasses, or bushes. I watch the clouds move across the skies. I watch and take great joy in the patterns of light and shadow created by sun and clouds. 
     I seek the Lord in quiet moments of prayer, and take deep joy as He answers my questions and comforts me about my troubles and cares. His nearness calms my soul, and brings me a greater, eternal, perspective. I have been, and are, so blessed and protected by Him. 
     Life is fleeting. It seems the yesteryears were only yesterday, but my parents and grandparents have lived out their lives, and are gone from the mortal sphere. The siblings and companions of my childhood have changed and aged and many of them I no longer know where they live, where they are. My children have grown and are not the babies, toddlers, and children I have loved so very very much. I love them still, but they are now adults, and different from each of their individual growing stages. I am so glad that I was able to be with them, and take joy in their maturing changes. The same is true of our grandchildren, and I see the flowing river of life. 
     Stillness, and contemplation allow me to take note, and then to give thanks to the Lord for His great plan of salvation and exaltation. I feel yearnings to reach, once again, the peace of eternity beyond this mortal experience. However, stillness and listening provide a better awareness of who we really are, and of the limits of mortality. Stillness lets me tap into my awareness of my own eternal reality. Who I am is eternal. The depths of my soul, and being, are eternal. Mortality is not who I am, mortality is simply where I am. For the moment!
     I am so grateful for this experience of mortality, the confidence in me that God has, that I can and will do as He asks, that I will accomplish the tasks He sent me here to do. I am eternally grateful for the Atonement the Savior wrought, because as I strive to be who I am, and as I make mistakes in the learning process, I can repent, be forgiven, and continue to strive to become like Christ, to follow Him, to return to the presence of my Heavenly Father, and spend eternity there. 
     Stillness. Listening. Being filled. Being renewed. Going on through this mortality. Yes, I am happy.